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Maalox 15 ml 30 packs

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Active substances: Magnesium hydroxide, algebra
Manufacturer: SANOFI RUSSIA
Country of origin: Italy
General description: Antacid preparation

Pharmacological action

Antacid preparation. Neutralizes free hydrochloric acid of gastric juice without causing its secondary hypersecretion. In addition, an increase in the pH of gastric juice with the administration of Maalox® leads to a decrease in the activity of pepsin in gastric juice. The drug also has an adsorbent and enveloping action, due to which the effect of damaging factors on the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach decreases.


- Stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the phase of exacerbation;

- Acute gastroduodenitis;

- chronic gastroduodenitis with normal or increased secretory function in the exacerbation phase;

- hernia of the esophageal aperture of the diaphragm;

- reflux esophagitis;

- Dyspeptic phenomena, such as discomfort, gastralgia, heartburn, acidic eructations (after excess consumption of ethanol, nicotine, coffee, taking medicines (including NSAIDs, GCS), inaccuracies in the diet).

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