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Antaxone 50 mg 10 capsules

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Active ingredients: Naltrexone
Manufacturer: Zambon
Country of origin: Italy
General description: The competitive opioid receptor antagonist

Pharmacological action

Specific antagonist of opioid receptors.

Competitively binds to opioid receptors of all types and prevents or eliminates the effect of both endogenous opioids and exogenous opioids - opioid analgesics and their surrogates. The introduction of opioids in increased doses can weaken or eliminate the effect of this antagonist.

Antakson does not have significant pharmacological properties of its own, except for a narrowed pupil.

Antakson is not addictive and addictive.

When administered at a dose of 50 mg, Antaxon blocks the pharmacological effects caused by iv administration of 25 mg of heroin within 24 hours. When the Antaxon dose is increased by a factor of 2, the blocking effect is extended to 48 hours, and 3 times to 72 hours.


- as part of a comprehensive therapy of opioid addiction (addiction) in order to maintain the patient's state in which opioids can not have a characteristic effect; the drug is prescribed only after relief of the withdrawal syndrome. The use of Antakson is started in specialized drug treatment departments 7-10 days after the last intake of the opioid drug. In the future, the patient must be under strict medical supervision; the patient should have a positive attitude toward drug treatment;

- in the complex therapy of chronic alcoholism (including with maintenance therapy) in the same doses as with heroin addiction, against the background of psychotherapy.

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