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nemozole 400 mg 1 tablet film coating

Active ingredients: Albendazole Manufacturer: HINKUS FARMASYUKALS Country of origin: India General description: Anthelminthic preparation

Octagam 50 ml

Active ingredients: immunoglobulin Manufacturer: Octapharma Country of origin: Austria

Roaccutane 20 mg 30 capsules

Active ingredients: Isotretinoin Manufacturer: F.Hoffmann-La Roche LTD Country of origin: Germany / Switzerland General description: The drug for acne treatment. Retinoid

sab simplex 30 ml

Active ingredients: Simethicone Manufacturer: Pfizer Country of origin: France General description: The drug that reduces flatulence

Sotret 20 mg 30 capsules

Active ingredients: Isotretinoin Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd. Country of origin: India General description: Acne rash remedy

Suprastin 25 mg 20 tablets

Active ingredients: Chloropyramamine Manufacturer: * EGIS-RUS LLC * Country of origin: Hungary / Russia General description: antiallergic agent - H1-histamine receptor blocker.

Tabex 1,5 mg 100 tablets

Active ingredients: Tsitizin Manufacturer: Sopharma JSC Country of origin: Bulgaria General description: Drug for the treatment of nicotine addiction

Teturam 150 mg 50 tablets

Active ingredients: Disulfiram Manufacturer: various options Country of Origin: Russia General description: alcoholism treatment

Vermox 100 mg 6 tablets

Active ingredients: mebendazole Manufacturer: GEDEON RICHTER Country of origin: Romania / Hungary General description: worming medication

Xyzal 5 mg 10 tablets

Active ingredients: Levocetirizine Manufacturer: UCB Country of origin: Switzerland / Italy General description: The blocker of histamine H1 receptors. Anti-allergic drug
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