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Torasemide 5 mg 60 tablets

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Active ingredients: Torasemide
Manufacturer: NORTH STAR
Country of origin: Russia
General description: The diuretic

Dosage form
Tablets white or almost white, round, valium, with a facet and valium on one side.
1 tablet contains:

active substance: torasemid 5 mg

excipients: lactose monohydrate (ektapress) (milk sugar) - 89,3 mg; pregelatinized starch (starch 1500) - 24,5 mg; silicon dioxide colloidal (Aerosil) 0.6 mg; magnesium stearate-0.6 mg.
Pharmacological action
The torasemid is a "loop" diuretic. Maximum diuretic effect develops after 2-3 hours after taking the drug inside. The primary mechanism of action of the drug due to reversible binding of torasemid cotransporter with ions of sodium/chlorine/potassium located in the apical membrane of the thick segment of the ascending loop of Henle, resulting in reduced or completely inhibited the reabsorption of sodium ions and decreases the osmotic pressure of the intracellular fluid and reabsorption of water. Aldosterone blocks the receptors of the myocardium; reduces fibrosis and improves diastolic function of the myocardium.

The torasemid to a lesser extent than furosemide causes hypokalemia, however, he is very active and its action is more prolonged.

The use of torasemid is the most reasonable choice for long-term therapy.

edematous syndrome of different Genesis, including in chronic heart failure, diseases of liver, lungs and kidneys;


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