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Emoxipin 1% 5 ml eye drops

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Active ingredients: Methyl ethylpyridinol hydrochloride
Manufacturer: Enzyme
Country of origin: Russia
General description: Retinoprotector

pharmachologic effect

Angioprotector, reduces permeability of the vascular wall, is an inhibitor of free radical processes, antihypoxant and antioxidant, reduces blood viscosity and platelet aggregation.

It has retinoprotective properties, protects the retina from the damaging effect of high-intensity light, promotes resorption of intraocular hemorrhages, improves microcirculation of the eye.


Treatment - hemorrhage in the anterior chamber of the eye, complications of myopia, protection of the cornea (when wearing contact lenses); treatment and prevention - inflammation and burn of the cornea, hemorrhages in the sclera of elderly patients.

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