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Nasonex spray 50 mcg 60 doses

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Active ingredients: mometasone
Manufacturer: MSD
Country of origin: Belgium / Russia
General description: SCS for intranasal administration

Dosage form
Spray nasal dosed in the form of a suspension of white or almost white.

 Mometasone furoate (micronized, in the form of monohydrate) in the equivalent of mometasone furoate to anhydrous - 0.5 mg. Excipients Cellulose dispersed (microcrystalline cellulose, treated with carmellose sodium) 20.0 mg, glycerol 21.0 mg, citric acid monohydrate 2.0 mg, sodium citrate dihydrate 2.8 mg, polysorbate-80 0.1 mg, benzalkonium chloride ( in the form of a 50% solution) 0.2 mg, purified water 0.95 g.

Pharmachologic effect
 GCS for topical application. Has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect. The local anti-inflammatory effect of the drug is manifested when it is used in doses, in which no systemic effects occur. It inhibits the release of inflammatory mediators. Increases the production of lipomodulin, which is an inhibitor of phospholipase A, which causes a decrease in the release of arachidonic acid and, accordingly, inhibition of the synthesis of metabolic products of arachidonic acid-cyclic endoperoxides, prostaglandins. It prevents the accumulation of neutrophils, which reduces inflammatory exudate and production of lymphokines, inhibits the migration of macrophages, leads to a decrease in the processes of infiltration and granulation. Reduces inflammation due to decreased formation of chemotaxis substance (influence on late allergy reactions), inhibits the development of an immediate allergic reaction (by inhibiting the formation of metabolites of arachidonic acid and reducing the release of inflammatory mediators from mast cells). In studies with provocative tests with application of antigens to the nasal mucosa, high anti-inflammatory activity of the drug was demonstrated, both at early and late stages of the allergic reaction. When compared with placebo, there was a decrease in histamine and eosinophil activity, as well as a decrease in the amount of eosinophils, neutrophils and adhesion proteins of epithelial cells (compared to the initial one). Pharmacokinetics Intranasal application systemic bioavailability of the drug is less than 0.1%. In this case, mometasone furoate is practically not detected in blood plasma, even when using highly sensitive methods of detection (with a threshold of sensitivity of 50 pg / ml). A small amount of active substance that can enter the digestive tract with intranasal application is absorbed to a small extent and is actively biotransformed when "first passed" through the liver.

 - treatment of seasonal and year-round allergic rhinitis in adults, adolescents and children from 2 years
 - exacerbation of chronic sinusitis in adults (including senile age) and children from 12 years of age (as an adjuvant in the complex antibacterial therapy);
 - prevention of seasonal allergic rhinitis of moderate and severe course (recommended to be carried out 2-4 weeks before the start of the dusting season).

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