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Selank 0.15% nasal drops

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Active ingredients: Selank, methyl parahydroxybenzoate
Manufacturer: PEPTOGEN INPTS
Country of origin: Russia
General description: anxiolytic (tranquilizer).

Dosage form
Selenka in terms of 100% substance – 1.5 mg

(threonyl-lysyl-prolyl-arginyl-shed-glycyl-Proline diacetate)

metilparagidroksibenzoat (nipagina) -1 mg

purified water up to 1 ml.
Pharmacological action
Selank® is a synthetic analogue of the endogenous peptide tuftsin, has an original mechanism neurospecific action on the Central nervous system, binds to specific receptors on the membranes of nerve cells.

Influence the metabolism of monoamines in emotiogenic structures of the brain (hypothalamus, diencephalon, the cortex of the hemispheres) and the activity of brain enzymes tyrosine and triptofangidroksilazy. Exhibits tropism for the serotonergic system, normalizing the serotonin levels in the brain in conditions of experimentally induced its decline. Selank® stabilizes the processes of excitation and inhibition in the brain and increases the resistance of neurons in the cortex of the hemispheres to the functional loads of high intensity.

In the spectrum of the pharmacological action of the drug is prevalent anxioliticeski (antianxiety) effect with a stimulating (activating) component. The drug has no gipnosedativny and muscle relaxant properties. A positive effect on mental and cognitive functions of the brain, including when they are violated. Activates the processes of learning, memory, analysis and reproduction of information, improves the parameters of attention and short-term memory. Increases motivational sustainability and adequacy of adaptive behavior.

Selank® has wegetotropona effect, improves the vegetative provision of activity in conditions of emotional stress, has an optimizing effect on the adaptive reserve of the body.

Selank® does not reveal unwanted side and toxic effects at 200-300-fold increase in dose compared with the ED50. Has no embryotoxic, teratogenic, allergenic, local irritating action, does not exhibit mutagenic properties. The drug is no undesirable long-term effects.

Selank® does not cause phenomena of drug dependence

Used in adults for anxiety and anxiety-asthenic disorders, and relevant diagnostic criteria of generalized anxiety disorder, neurasthenia, adjustment disorder.
Pregnancy, lactation. Individual intolerance of the drug.

Method of application and doses

Selank applied intranasally, using a bottle dropper.
Drug interactions
Selank® has no influence on the effects of drugs, oppressive and stimulating the Central nervous system, haloperidol, pentobarbital, gexobarbitala, analeptics

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