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Picamilon injection 2 ml 10 vials

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Active ingredients: nicotinoyl gamma-aminobutyric acid
Country of origin: Russia
General description: nootropic agent enhances brain vessels

pharmachologic effect

Nootropic agent, dilates the vessels of the brain. It also has a tranquilizing, psychostimulating, antiaggregant and antioxidant effect. Improves the functional state of the brain due to the normalization of tissue metabolism and effects on cerebral circulation (increases the volume and linear speed of cerebral blood flow, reduces the resistance of cerebral vessels, inhibits platelet aggregation, improves microcirculation).

At the course reception increases physical and mental efficiency, reduces headache, improves memory, normalizes sleep; contributes to the reduction or disappearance of feelings of anxiety, tension, fear; improves the condition of patients with motor and speech disorders.


Cerebrovascular insufficiency, asthenia, depressive disorders in old age.

Conditions, accompanied by anxiety, fear, increased irritability, emotional lability. Asthenic conditions caused by various neuropsychic diseases.

As part of a comprehensive treatment - for the management of acute alcohol intoxication; with chronic alcoholism - to reduce asthenic, asthenoneurotic, postpsychotic, pre-recurrent conditions, as well as alcoholic encephalopathy.

In the complex therapy - migraine (prevention), TBI, neuroinfection.

Improving the portability of physical and mental loads (to persons who are in tense and extreme conditions of activity, to restore the physical performance of athletes, to increase resistance to physical and mental stress).

Open angle glaucoma (to stabilize the visual function).

In urological practice (in children older than 3 years and in adults with disorders of urination) to improve the adaptive function of the bladder (reducing detoxification hypoxia).

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