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Lotosonik 10 tablets

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Active ingredients: *
Manufacturer: Mekofar Chemical Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company - See more at:
Country of origin: Vietnam
General description: herbal sedatives

Dosage form
The tablets are biconvex shape blue color
thick extract from rhizomes Pokora - 183,0 mg;

the seeds of the Lotus orehonosny - 175,0 mg;

embryo of Hindu Lotus -15,0 mg;

seeds of Oriental arborvitae - 91,25 mg;

a thick extract of tamarind seed Chinese - 91,25 mg;

sheet mulberry - 91,25 mg;

sheet eritrina - 91,25 mg;

longan fruit euforii - 91,25 mg.

Auxiliary substances: lactose, magnesium stearate, Aerosil, talc, cellulose microcrystalline, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, titanium dioxide, carboxymethyl starch sodium, macrogol 6000, dye patent blue
Pharmacological action
Combined medication of plant origin, has a sedative, hypnotic effect, it has anxiolytic and anti-stress activity. Extracts of Chinese date, Lotus, euphoria Llonga, TUI and eritrina have a sedative effect, reduces irritability and stress, which is manifested in mental fatigue and neurasthenia; insomnia contribute to the restoration of normal sleep. Extracts of Yam, mulberry and euphoria longan along with a sedative effect have a vasodilatory effect, improves metabolic processes

With increased nervous excitability, irritability, lability of mood;

Directly emotional and physical injuries;

In a state of constant mental stress, prealablement (the so-called "Manager syndrome");

Insomnia (mild forms).
Hypersensitivity to the drug, pregnancy, breastfeeding, age (under 18) With care: in acute pancreatitis

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