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Maltofer 100 mg 30 tablets

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Active ingredients: iron (III) hydroxide polimaltozat
Manufacturer: TAKEDA Pharmaceuticals
Country of origin: Switzerland
General description: antianemic drug

pharmachologic effect
The preparation of iron. In iron (III), the polymethyltosate hydroxide multinucleated iron (III) hydroxide is surrounded from the outside by a number of covalently bound polymaltosate molecules, which provides a total average molecular weight of about 50 kDa. The structure of the active substance of the preparation of Maltofer® is similar to that of the core of the ferritin protein, the physiological iron depot. Iron (III) hydroxide polymaltose is stable and under physiological conditions does not emit a large number of iron ions. Due to the size, the degree of diffusion of iron (III) polymethyltosate hydroxide through the mucosa is approximately 40 times less than that of the iron-hexahedral complex (II). Iron, which is part of the complex of iron (III) hydroxide polymaltose, is actively absorbed in the intestine.

The effectiveness of the preparation Maltofer® for normalizing the hemoglobin content and iron depot replacement has been demonstrated in numerous randomized controlled clinical trials using a placebo-controlled or active comparator in adults and children with different iron depot status.

- treatment of iron deficiency without anemia (latent iron deficiency) and treatment of clinically pronounced iron deficiency anemia;

- An increased need for iron during pregnancy, during breastfeeding, blood donation, intensive growth, vegetarianism and the elderly.

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