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Hypoxen 250 mg 30 capsules

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Active ingredients: Sodium polydihydroxyphenylene thiosulfonate
Country of Origin: Russia
Pharmacotherapeutic group: Tissue activating agents

pharmachologic effect

Hypoxen® belongs to the class of antihypoxants and antioxidants, which reduce oxygen consumption and increase the body's performance in extreme situations. The drug has an antihypoxic effect by increasing the efficiency of tissue respiration under hypoxic conditions, especially in organs with a high metabolic rate (brain, cardiac muscle, liver).

Hypoxen® provides a reduction in oxygen consumption during significant physical exertion, improvement in tissue respiration, reduction of mental and physical fatigue, and successful implementation of labor-intensive physical operations.

Indications drug Hypoxen®

to improve performance in extreme and unfavorable conditions, accompanied by a lack of oxygen (including high mountains, polar conditions, underwater work);
mental and physical strain, camera work and other intense workloads, accompanied by chronic fatigue and fatigue;
in the complex therapy of severe traumatic lesions, blood loss, extensive surgical interventions, diseases of the respiratory system (asthma, pneumonia, obstructive bronchitis);
in the complex therapy of stable angina (prevention of strokes), arterial hypertension, chronic heart failure of the I and II functional class according to the NYHA classification.

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