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Azithromycin 500 mg 30 tablets (10 boxes x 3 tablets)

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Active ingredients: Azithromycin
Country of origin: Russia
General description: macrolide antibiotics

Dosage form



Azithromycin 500mg; 
Auxiliary substances: sodium lauryl sulfate, magnesium stearate, starch pregelatinization, polyvinylpyrrolidone low-molecular med

Pharmacological action

Antibiotic macrolides, is representative of azalidov. Inhibits RNA-dependent protein synthesis of sensitive microorganisms.
Active against gram-positive bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus spp. (including Streptococcus pneumoniae, Streptococcus pyogenes /group A/); gram-negative bacteria: Haemophilus influenzae, Haemophilus parainfluenzae, Haemophilus ducreyi, Moraxella catarrhalis, Escherichia coli, Bordetella pertussis, Bordetella parapertussis, Borrelia burgdorferi, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Campylobacter spp., Legionella pneumophila; anaerobic bacteria: Bacteroides fragilis.
Azithromycin is also active against Chlamydia trachomatis, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Mycoplasma hominis, Treponema pallidum.
It is also active against Toxoplasma gondii.



Infectious-inflammatory diseases caused by susceptible to azithromycin microorganisms, including bronchitis, pneumonia, infections of skin and soft tissue, otitis media, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, gonorrheal and degeneracy urethritis and/or cervicitis, Lyme disease (borreliosis)


Hypersensitivity to azithromycin and other macrolide antibiotics.

Drug interactions

While the use of ergot alkaloids it is impossible to exclude the risk of ergotism.
With simultaneous use of azithromycin with warfarin cases enhance the effects of the latter.
While the use of digoxin or digitoxin with azithromycin may be a significant increase in the concentration of cardiac glycosides in plasma and risk of glycoside intoxication.
While the use of dizopiramidom describes the case of ventricular fibrillation.
At simultaneous application with lovastatinom described cases of rhabdomyolysis.
While the use of rifabutin increases risk of neutropenia and leukopenia.
While the use of disturbed metabolism of cyclosporine which increases the risk of adverse and toxic reactions caused by cyclosporine

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